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Researchers Wang et al conducted an analyis on "AGING AS A CONSEQUENCE OF MISREPAIR-- A NOVEL THEORY OF AGING" to identify what misrepair is and how it relates to aging. A theory proposed by the researchers proposed modifications to “damage (fault)-accumulation theory” to say that aging is due to the body’s misrepair of DNA, and thus, tissue.
Published by Saema A 64 months ago in Genetics & DNA | +0 votes | 0 comments
Inbreeding is a complex issue with complex genetic consequences. Inbreeding does increase prevalence of autosomal recessive disorders. But in the most common interbred marriages in the world, cousin marriages, the percentage increase in risk is not by very much, contrary to popular and historic belief. In this article, we define what inbreeding is, delve into a historical implication of it, and discuss current data.
Published by Saema A 64 months ago in Genetics & DNA | +0 votes | 0 comments
Genetic engineering, although tagged along with many ethical issues, can be beneficial for society to move forward. It is particularly important for agriculture and nutrition purposes. Today, genetic engineering already has a good stronghold on most of our dinner plates and will continue to do so. Through the examples of genetic engineering in foods to improve commercial value and increase nutritional value, it is viewed that agricultural biotechnology is moving the industry forward.
Published by Saema A 65 months ago in Biology | +0 votes | 0 comments